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About Us

We are a Marketing Strategy and Development agency specialized in Digital Solutions. Our team of experts can help your company develop your products and bring them to market using innovative tools and procedures.


Solutions start with people.

Our team is made up of specialists with over 10 years experience in their field. No matter the size of the project, we can respond in full force and save business time.



Custom solution for unique clients.

Every project is different and every need is different. The goal of consultancy is not to impose changes but to collaborate with clients to reach a perfect balance between business and optimization.

Think first, think later.

Our approach is based on data gathering. Whether it is based on OSINT or standard R&D, every action that we suggest is based on a knowledge base and has a clear goal in mind. 

We create successful projects linked with planning and a long-term vision.

Our local know-how and international experience combined with a dynamic and result driven management of your assets can significantly improve the profitability of the project for the investor.

We know how to turn unique projects into profit opportunities.

You will get a strategic alignment of the project, detailed planning for the future management and a well studied positioning & marketing plan.

We understand the win-win opportunities in each market for project leaders, investors and banks.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors since our team has 100% practical operational experience as managers and

We create successful projects linked with planning and a long-term vision.

We are a highly qualified executive team and our experience in various markets and our drive to deliver results set us apart from our competitors.

Toghether we are more than partners.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you improve your business and reach your clients.


Băneasa Business & Technology Park, 42–44 București-Ploiești Road, Building A, Level 4